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EarthLink DSL Availability

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You Can Choose DSL, Satellite DSL, or Cable from EarthLink

EarthLink DSL

With EarthLink DSL, you can download files up to 50 times faster than a phone-based modem connection. Web pages load in a snap. You'll enjoy dynamic audio and enhanced video, so music and video come alive. Online games are fast and fun. And you can download software faster than ever.

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EarthLink Cable

With EarthLink Cable, you can download files at incrediable speeds. Cable access is always-on Internet access. No more dialing. No more waiting. Internet access that's ready when you are. And that's a beautiful thing.

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EarthLink Satellite DSL

Just because you're not eligible for DSL or cable-modem access doesn't mean a high speed connection is out of reach. With EarthLink Satellite, powered by DIRECWAY™ (formerly known as DirecPC), the sky's the limit. Literally. If you have a PC and a clear, unobstructed view of the southern sky, chances are you qualify.

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As one of the largest broadband providers in the United States, EarthLink Internet Services offers several different broadband Internet service packages to meet your data and Internet access needs. Choose from DSL, Satellite DSL, or High Speed Cable.

In order to qualify for EarthLink DSL Internet Service, your location must meet certain conditions. In addition to having EarthLink DSL Internet Service available in your central office, you must be less than 14,000 feet, approximately 3 miles, from your central office, or live in a neighborhood where a DSL Gateway has been installed. Please note that the measurement from the central office or gateway to your location is the length of the telephone line facility, not street miles or air miles. You must also have a telephone line qualified to carry the DSL signal. To check DSL availability please use the table above.


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