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Whether you're new to DSL or a seasoned power user, we'd like you to be as informed as possible about our service and the technology behind it. We've provided answers to frequently asked questions about DSL and technical ADSL issues.

What is an "instantly available" Connection?
Our DSL enables you to establish a dedicated connection between your computer in your home or business location and our partners Networks. This connection can be established with a simple click of the mouse and only takes 1-2 seconds - so there's no more waiting while your computer dials into the network.

Is an "instantly available" connection secure?
"Instantly available" DSL connections can be connected and disconnected at the simple click of a mouse - so this makes it easy to take your computer off the Internet so hackers won't be able to find you. Additionally, Basic DSL uses a dynamic IP address, which means every time you log onto the Internet, you get a new "identity" on the network. That makes it harder for hackers to find you on the Internet - and it improves your security.

DSL is not available in my area right now, how can I find out when it will be offered?
Our partners have already begun a massive DSL network upgrade throughout their regions, and some areas have not been fully upgraded for DSL. When a deployment schedule is finalized, we will make the appropriate announcements about those cities and place the schedule online.

Do all customers qualify for DSL service?
In addition to having DSL available in their central office, customers must be less than 12,000 to 17,500 feet from their central office or live in a neighborhood where a DSL Gateway has been installed. Please note that the measurement from the central office to the customer premise is the length of the telephone line facility, not street miles or air miles. Additionally, they must have a telephone line qualified to carry the DSL signal.

Not all customers within 3 miles of a DSL-equipped central office (or who reside in a neighborhood where a DSL Gateway has been installed) will qualify for DSL service, due to existing conditions of the telephone line. Examples of limiting conditions are bridge taps and load coils, which are used as part of the telephone company infrastructure to provide better voice service. These devices interfere with the DSL signal. When a customer's line has these conditions, the line is not qualified to carry the DSL signal. Historically, approximately 60 - 65% of customers out of each central office will qualify for the service.

Why do I need DSL if I currently have ISDN?
DSL is even faster than ISDN. And DSL sends data and voice over the same line so you talk on the phone while you connect to the Internet.

I already have Internet access. If I order the promotion will I have to change my email address?
If you already have dial-up Internet access with us, then you'll be able to keep your current email address and use it with your DSL connection. However, if you have dial-up Internet access with another provider, then you will need to establish a new email address with us.

Can I run dedicated servers with DSL?
Yes, as long as you have a static IP address on your DSL service. The best part of DSL is that the larger bandwidth enables you to have an always on connection to the Internet. This means that you can run anything from mail servers to FTP sites from your home.

Can I have my own website?
Yes, you can run a website if you buy DSL with a static IP address. With the dedicated connection that DSL offers, you will be able to run a website 24 hours a day.

What is a dynamic IP address?
IP stands for "Internet Protocol." An IP address enables a computer to be identified on the Internet while the user is on-line. A dynamic IP address is one that is temporarily assigned to a user from a pool of IP addresses from a centrally administered server. The user has a different IP address each time s/he logs onto the Internet.

What is a static IP address?
This is an IP address that is the same every time a user logs on to the Internet. So it enables a user to "host" a website or some other type of server connection (for example, an email server), since other Internet users will always know the identity of the hosting computer and will be able to connect to it.

How does DSL work on my existing phone line?
DSL is really a feature added to your existing phone line. The function of the DSL splitter is to handle the voice calls and route the data off separately to your computer.

Is my Macintosh computer compatible with DSL?

How do I network two PC's together on a DSL line?
We recommend that you contact a LAN consultant to help with this set-up for your small business or home. Our technical support center does not have the expertise and cannot assist you with networking.

What are DSL Gateways?
DSL Gateways are made up of DSL network equipment, housed in specialized buildings, that enable residential and business customers to receive DSL service who previously had been located too far from their central switching office to get the service. In effect, they act as miniature central offices that are able to deliver DSL service beyond the standard 12,000 to 17,500 foot limit of a traditional central office. With the deployment of DSL Gateways in many neighborhoods, many more residential and business customers will be able to subscribe to DSL service in the near future.


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