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Frame Relay technology allows data to be transmitted in variable length frames over permanent virtual circuits. Multiple, permanent, virtual circuits can be provisioned over a single physical access connection. Frame Relay will generally be more cost-effective than private lines for networks with three or more locations within a service area.

Frame Relay is a fast packet-switching technology that provides the benefits of private lines and shared network products. For smaller businesses with expanding networks, burst applications, IBM SNA traffic and file transfer needs, Frame Relay offers cost-effective advantages. By using Frame Relay to share resources and information, you'll be creating the network you need with flexibility and cost efficiency you didn't think possible. Frame Relay Services are an integral part of products for businesses interested in a corporate telecommuting program, as well as telecommuters.

Applications for Frame Relay

 LAN interconnection -- transparently supports all major LAN protocols including TCP/IP and IPX, as well as token ring and Ethernet topologies

 IBM SNA internetworking -- transports your IBM SNA traffic efficiently whatever your needs: terminal-to-host, mainframe-to-mainframe, PC-to-mainframe, or LAN-to-mainframe

 E-mail -- connects electronic mail systems cost-effectively

 File transfer -- efficiently transmits files for a variety of general business needs

Advantages of Frame Relay

 Predictable fixed monthly network costs for more efficient cost management

 Easy upgrade path for existing LANs or SNA private line networks, protecting existing and future investments

 LAN-to-LAN connectivity that protects the integrity of network data

 Cost-effective and reliable data service, minimizing costly network downtime

 Wide range of standards-based hardware available, ensuring multiple sources across the industry.

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