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ISDN optimizes your single phone line, allowing you to connect simultaneously to a telephone, fax, computer or any combination of these elements. ISDN is ideal for telecommuting and home office applications.

 ISDN provides you with switched (dial able) access and up to 144 Kb/s bandwidth capacity, without the need for dedicated lines and with the improved transmission quality associated with digital service.

 ISDN gives you flexibility to accommodate your business by letting you run three telecommunications channels over a standard, twisted-pair telephone wire.

 ISDN offers optional voice features and functionality.

 ISDN services are an integral part of Pacific Bell's Work at Home Resources series of products for businesses interested in a corporate telecommuting program, as well as telecommuters..


  • One-time installation and a flat monthly service fee and usage charges based on standard voice rates for voice and data calls.

  • Compatibility with other Pacific Bell switched digital services, other operating companies' and long-distance companies' switched digital services.

  • Retail stores, graphic designers, modem users, law firms and insurance companies can use ISDN to transfer data and voice simultaneously.

  • Educational institutions can telecast lectures to multiple locations such as satellite campuses.

  • Prepress printers and publishers can quickly send and receive large files to increase turn around time, reduce costs and gain a competitive edge.

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