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Network FAQs

Significant Network Scale

SBC has a world class network that continues to expand and improve. Over $2 billion were invested in the network just last year. Currently, the California network alone includes:

over 663,000 fiber miles

515 Frame Relay switches

1,949 SONET rings, 5,672 SONET terminals, 4,008 asynchronous terminals and 495 Central Offices equipped with SONET

a 99.3% data network reliability record (for the month of August) and a 99.8% voice network reliability record.

Excellent Reputation

SBC has been recognized nationally for its network. In a recent Data Communications user's survey, SBC was identified as:

the top Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) for Frame Relay

the top Frame Relay provider for reliability, and

the second best overall Frame Relay provider (behind AT&T by .01).

Via its network, Pacific Bell provides voice, data and video services to approximately one million business customers in California - not to mention over 8.2 million residential households.

SBC recently named the world's most admired telecommunications company for the third year in a row by Fortune magazine.

Strong Network Reliability

SBC's private sector Frame Relay network:

serves over 7,000 business customers with 99.98% reliability

provides full redundancy through alternate paths for routing traffic, and

has a "mean time to repair" of less than 6 hours (as of August) (note: nearly 80% of trouble tickets reported and cleared were due to customer-related issues such as CPE not the network).

While Pacific Bell did recently experience some intermittent problems with the Frame Relay service provided to the State of California, an action plan has been implemented to address the issues and to help prevent future incidences.

Proactive Network Monitoring

In addition, SBC has Network Operations Centers that proactively monitor and control the entire network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes disaster prevention and recovery along with earthquake monitoring.

Vast Experience Beyond Voice

SBC is a preeminent provider of voice products and services and has worked hard to build a similar reputation in the data arena. The company's infrastructure enables SBC to provide a wide range of data access and transport services such as SONET, Frame Relay and ATM.

In addition, Internet backbone traffic exchange service is provided to top-tier ISPs via SBC Network Access Points (NAPs). The result is that SBC has experience and a strong track record in handling the most demanding network application (IP traffic over ATM in the middle of the Internet backbone) and working with the most sophisticated and demanding customers (ISPs and IXCs).


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