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DSL Availability - DSL service and DSL provider. Choose from Pacific Bell DSL, Southwestern Bell DSL, BellSouth DSL, and many others. Locate your DSL service now!

Your #1 Source for DSL Availability and Ordering Nation Wide!

Check your internet connection speed for FREE!

Internet Connection Speed Test

Over the last few years, the amount of information available on the Internet has grown tremendously. This has increased the demand for high-speed Internet connections that allow you to download large media files within a reasonable amount of time. An old 28 kbps modem is simply not enough to watch a streaming video or play an online game. While you can always get a faster Internet connection by spending hundreds of dollars on new hardware and expensive Internet services, you should always start by making sure that you are getting all available bandwidth out of your current connection. Most computer owners would be surprised to know that you can sometimes double your connection speed by simply changing a few settings. Iin most cases, you should at least be able to improve bandwidth by 10-50%.

Why You Need an Internet Speed Test

The first step towards improving your connection is being able to measure your connection speed at any time. We have a FREE online tool which will check your connection and show you the speed of your internet connection.

Please Click Here to check your Dial Up, DSL, OR Cable internet connection Speed!

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Makes everything you do on the Internet faster.
Easy and powerful for both beginners and experts.
Runs on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, or XP.
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  • Now download all your email in a snap.
  • Dramatically improves any Internet connection, home or office.
  • Boosts connection speed for dial-up modems, cable, broadband, DSL, ISDN, LAN,
    even T-1, T-2, and T-3.
  • Works with any Internet Service Provider (ISP): AOL, MSN, Earthlink, etc., etc.
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Smart Computing

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"I could actually tell a dramatic difference in my Internet connection... All my friends will hear about this program." -- D. Ensley
"Oh my goodness, what a difference ...My internet speed has been incredible even with my dial-up modem and the very modest connection rate with AOL at 26,000 bps. I will recommend this to everyone I know. Thank you." -- M. Gassner
"I love your product for the Web. It tripled my DSL connection!" -- J. Parks
"I have just installed your Internet software, and I am amazed, surprised and flabbergasted at the improvement on my system. This really works!" -- J. Strickland
"...I don't have a clue as to how it works, but I would recommend this ... to anyone who is frustrated with sluggish Web speed." -- J. Estes
"I have purchased your software and found that it did, indeed, speed up my Internet connection. Pages load faster, pictures load faster, and it just makes my Internet experience that much more enjoyable. The best part is the support I received from the company... This company and the product delivers." -- G. Noggle

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How does ActiveSpeed work? When you bought your computer, it came with certain factory settings for download throughput, ping time, and other adjustments that assume an "average" computer user. But there is a problem with that. You are not an average computer user - nobody is. ActiveSpeed is the only solution that adjusts your network settings for the way you actually use your computer, so now you can:

  • Surf the Web up to 375% faster
  • Perform research for work or school up to 375% faster
  • Shop and finish your taxes up to 375% faster
  • Chat with your friends up to 375% faster
  • Play games up to 375% faster
  • Hear music and watch video without "buffering" interruption

So why hasn't anyone else done this? Ascentive's engineering team recognized the problem and came up with a unique approach to solve it. Patent-pending ActiveSpeed technology is exclusive to our products. Only we and our customers may use it. Now, aren't you going to ask us if it's easy?

"But... Is it easy?"

How about this for easy:
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"Does it work on my computer?" Yes, definitely. ActiveSpeed™ speeds up the Internet for all computers with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.

"Does it work on my type of Internet connection?" Yes, we guarantee it. ActiveSpeed dramatically improves any home or office Internet connection, including dial-up modems of any speed, and high-speed connections such as cable modems, DSL, ISDN, T-1, LAN, etc.

"Does it work with my Internet Service Provider?" Absolutely. ActiveSpeed boosts download time from all Internet services, including AOL, MSN, EarthLink, and all local ISPs.

  • Stop waiting forever for Web pages to load.
  • Quit losing games because of a crawling connection.
  • Forget about annoying "buffering" interruptions to music.
  • Never again go back to slow, tedious Internet browsing.
  • Start surfing the Web up to 375% faster right now

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Looking for the fine print? Here you go. Try ActiveSpeed and winROCKET risk free. Take 30 full days to see for yourself that everything we say is true. Order now. Boost your Internet connection speed up to 375% while still using your existing dial-up or DSL connection! Speed up your computer's performance without adding new hardware! Act Now to get Free Unlimited Lifetime Customer Support, Free ActiveTime™ software, and $20 Off winROCKET™.

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