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T-1 Internet Service

Fiber optic technology is the infrastructure for private line and special access services. DS1 and DS3 are fully dedicated services provided primarily on a leased-line basis.


  • With data transport speeds from 1.544 Mbps to 560 Mbps, our network makes it easy to transmit more information, to more locations, in a fraction of the time.

  • In ring configurations, if trouble occurs on the primary route, the secondary route automatically activates within 50 milliseconds.

  • The network is extremely reliable, saving your business time and money by reducing network downtime or problems arising from lost or misdirected information.

  • The network service you subscribe to is a dedicated, private and secure network.

  • Pacific Bell also offers customized fiber solutions on an individual case basis, depending on the application, through our Customized Contract Group.

Applications -- Current and Future

  • Local Area Network Interconnection is for companies which want to create LANs to share data and resources on a large scale, increase productivity, and create a true intranetnetworking environment.

  • High Volume File Transfer -- between mainframes in separate locations. Ideal for multisite financial institutions, distribution operations and other high-density users, as well as for companies with remote offices which need to interface with a database at a centralized location.

  • Voice/Video/Data Integration = Multimedia -- to integrate and transmit disparate data streams to remote sites, all over one line.

  • Time-sensitive Transfer -- when every second counts. Ideal for campus or multisite medical facilities, or satellite locations for telemedicine and teleradiology. Also useful for teleconferencing instead of travel or conferences.

  • CAD/CAM Transfer -- between design, engineering and manufacturing departments. Users share revisions and other project information during

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